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Flightless fruit fly culture Goliath Hornworm cup back order 1 cup - 25+ count silkworms. 24oz cup
Flightless Fruit Fly CultureGoliath Hornworm cup back order 1 cup - 25+ count silkworms. 24oz cup

Our Producing Flightless Fruitfly Cultures are Made with Repashy Super Foods " Superfly " Fruit fly Media. Each Container will come with the cup/lid ,food,Excelsior and Fruit Flys to get your Culture going. Some cups May already be Producing flys...

Our Goliath Hornworm cup contains 15+ horn worms these worms may grow to an amazing 4 inches long and as big round as your finger (there is enough food to grow all worms to mediums or feed a few off and grow some to adults) Nutritional Analysis...

Our small/Med silkworm cup comes with 25+ small/Med silkworms. silkworms in these cups will be 3/4" - 1 3/4" +/- size may very depending on stock on hand. This item is ideal for pet shops with low maintenance, Just open container once a day and...




Silk worm food Regular silk worm eggs 100 count
1/2 LB powdered Silkworm food1000 Silk worm eggs

1/2 LB dry silkworm chow will make approximately 2 LB cooked just add water mix and cook. each order will come with instructions on how to cook the food. This item will feed Silkworms and Horn worms.

1000 count silk worm eggs. eggs must be incubated on arrival. If you would like to refrigerate the eggs you must have them shipped over night. you must also add the Insulated shipping box/cool pack to your order.



Check back soon as we are Growing and will soon be adding more to our site. Live reptiles must be shipped over night. Worms must be shipped 2 day or less for live arrival guarantee. No Live arrival Guarentee if tempatures are 40f or below90 or above , No live arrival guarentee if you do not add a heat pack to your order and temps are 40f-60f. No live arrival guarentee if you do not ship 2 day or less.