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Silk worm food pre made cup no food
1/2 LB powdered Silkworm food16oz cup prepared silkworm chow pre made cup no food

1/2 LB dry silkworm chow will make approximately 2 LB cooked just add water mix and cook. each order will come with instructions on how to cook the food. This item will feed Silkworms and Horn worms.

need some silkworm chow and don't want to make it yourself? get this 16oz cup of pre made chow ready to feed to your silk worms or horn worms. the cup is a 16oz cup the weight of the food may vary

need a new container to change worms into? here it is. cup, lid, and mesh no food, no worms. food/worms sold separately our standard silkworm cup is the 24oz size for smaller worms  and shows we use the 16oz 




silkiestogo.com pre made silkworm / Goliath horn worm cup
Pre made cup/food (no worms)

Pre made cup with food (no worms) the green chow is suitable for either silkworms or hornworms. The yellow can only be used for Goliath horn worms. The cup comes with a clear lid to prevent the chow from drying out during shipping and a poly lid...