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Flightless Fruit Fly Culture

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Our  Flightless Fruitfly Cultures are Made with Repashy Super Foods " Superfly " Fruit fly Media. Each Container will come with the cup/lid ,food,Excelsior and Fruit Flys to get your Culture going. Some cups May already be Producing flys or Larvae and some may be brand new depending on stock on hand. As this product is a live item it will grow  and we will send out the best producing cultures first. Unlike most companys that use a 32oz cup that will crush easy when you try to put the lid back on we use a 24oz cup  Reducing the risk of crushing the cup as you replace the lid. You must chose between  the most common Drosophila Melanogaster the smaller of the two at approximatly 1/16" Or   Drosophila Hydei the bigger of the two at approximatly 1/8"  Flightless Fruit Flies   are ideal food for your Poison dart frogs, Praying mantis,fish,young frogs, small reptiles, Hatchling Chameleon and amphibians

As a living culture we only guarentee live arrival if you chose overnight shipping or 2day shipping. we will replace doa culture however buyer is responsible for all S&H cost.

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