50 count Blaberus Discoid Roaches

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50 countt cup Blaberus Discoid Roaches approx. 1/8"-1" size may vary depending on stock on hand. Great for pet shops they come packaged in 16oz or 24 oz cups. Discoid Roaches can not climb smoth serfaces making them an ideal feeder roach. Discoids are Native/Established in the State of Florida, so they are completely legal to possess, unlike their similar cousin the Blaptica Dubia. That means we may ship Discoid Roaches to Florida. (size may vary and are just approximate to give you a idea of size) XS- 1/8"-1/4" S-1/4"-1/2" M 1/2"-3/4" Lg 3/4"-1"

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