back order item 100 count Mini silk worms.

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This item is on back order and will not be shipped until 1/17/18 - 1/31/18  depending on growth rate of worms and when your order is placed. orders will be sent out in the order they come in as we have a waiting list for this item at the current time. please email us before you place your order if you would like to know when worms will be shipped. orders will ship asap mon-wed as worms reach size we have thousands of worms hatched and hatching daily.shipping  times may vary and above date is our best guess and will vary depending on growth rate/number of orders received 

Please check avalibility this item has the option to be back ordered. If we are sold out and you chose to back order  it may take up to 2 weeks to ship. 100 count mini silk worms , The mini silk worms are aproximatly 1/8"- 1/2" and come in a small  container with enough food  for shipping.  size may vary depending on stock .  you may get Zebra Silk worms regular silk worms (white) or reverse zebra (mainly black) depending on stock.  This size is great for small geckos Or hatchling lizards . If you would like to grow them up you must order silk worm food  seperate We carry  pre made (wet) and powdered - 1/2 pound dry  will make aproximatly 2 pounds after cooked.  and will grow approximatly  200- 500     Mini silk worms up to 1 1/2" they should be kept at 80-85 f until they reach at least 3/4" .  

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