100 count Mini silk worms.

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Please check avalibility this item has the option to be back ordered. If we are sold out and you chose to back order  it may take up to 2 weeks to ship. 100 count mini silk worms , The mini silk worms are aproximatly 1/8"- 1/2" and come in a small  container with enough food  for shipping.  size may vary depending on stock .  you may get Zebra Silk worms regular silk worms (white) or reverse zebra (mainly black) depending on stock.  This size is great for small geckos Or hatchling lizards . If you would like to grow them up you must order silk worm food  seperate We carry  pre made (wet) and powdered - 1/2 pound dry  will make aproximatly 2 pounds after cooked.  and will grow approximatly  200- 500     Mini silk worms up to 1 1/2" they should be kept at 80-85 f until they reach at least 3/4" .  

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