1 cup - 25+ count silkworms. 24oz cup
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1 cup - 25+ count silkworms. 24oz cup

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Our 24 oz silkworm cup comes with 25+ silkworms and enough food to last up to 2 weeks. silkworms in these cups will be aprox 1/2" - 1 3/4" +/- size may very depending on stock on hand. This item is ideal for pet shops with low maintenance, Just open container once a day and empty waist out of the bottom Onto a clean plate ( do not use a paper towel as silkworms may cling to it and e injured as you pull them off)  store this item with the food at the top make sure the bottom is propped up or on top of screen to allow airflow. Always sanities hands before opining container. (this item may be back ordered please look before ordering if item is back ordered it could be up to 4 weeks before back in stock.) Dont forget to ask your Local Pet shop if they have silkworms for sale. If they do not you may Direct them to Our website and have them ask us about wholesale pricing. this will help Us grow and also Get Silkworms for sale in your local area and for a better price. Not only this if the tell us you Reffered them we will send you a free cups of worms number of free silkworm cups will depend on how many and how often they order.  Please let us know when you refer anyone a store or a friend.

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